profile-shot2Louise has a wide-ranging education and extensive corporate experience that have given her a unique perspective on the world of cosmetics and personal care products.

Louise holds a Ph.D. in biological/organic chemistry from the University of Toronto, and a post-graduate diploma in cosmetic science from De Montfort University and The Society of Cosmetic Scientists, U.K. She also holds an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design, New York.

Louise is a patent agent with over 10 years of experience obtained at major Canadian law firms, specializing in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and fine chemicals. During this time, she handled patents and patent applications for topical formulations for drug delivery, as well as skin care formulations for treating chronic skin disorders.

In 2010, Louise founded INGREDIENTS, a website devoted primarily to the science of beauty. Since then, she has written numerous articles on cosmetic chemistry and science. In her articles, she explains to readers the science of how personal care products work, with the goal of providing readers with the tools they need to make more informed choices about the products they put on their skin. She has contributed to Cosmetics, the trade magazine for the Canadian beauty industry, as well as two major online beauty publications, BEAUTY the guide and The Skiny on Skin.

Since 2014, Louise has been speaking publicly about the science of beauty, with the goal of educating and informing the public about the science behind personal care products. Her educational seminars have been hosted by the Toronto Public Library, and independent community organizations such as Delmanor Corporation, the Diane Frankling Housing Co-op and the Bernard Betel Centre.