There are millions of skin care and cosmetic products on the market, many of which claim to do wonderful things.

In recent times, environmental groups have been claiming that many common cosmetic ingredients are toxic. How is a consumer to know which products will work as claimed and which might be harmful?

Louise covers the basic scientific concepts behind beauty products. Armed with this knowledge, seminar attendees will learn the basics of how to interpret product claims and ingredient lists for various beauty products, and thus be able to make better, more informed choices for themselves.

Librarians and Program Directors may choose any one or more of the following seminars. For information about program fees, please contact me.

The Science of Beauty (seminar only)

The Real Dirt on Beauty Products

No Filter Required: Tips for Great Skin

Beauty Hacks: Saving Your Money and the Planet!

The Science of Beauty Workshop: How to Make a Simple Skin Cream

Louise’s educational seminars have been hosted by the Toronto Public Library, and independent community organizations such as Delmanor Corporation, the Diane Frankling Housing Co-op and the Bernard Betel Centre.