Since April, I have been working on short educational videos for the Ontario Science Centre and my most recent video is about the science of sunscreens!

On a related note, I strongly recommend watching my science of laundry video, as I go into solubility and polarity. Although this may appear to be about laundry detergent, solubility and polarity are key concepts in cosmetic science. If you want to understand how cleansers work, and learn a little organic chemistry (Oil! Protein!), this is the video for you.

And in case you are interested in more, I have done videos about the science of sourdough and tips on growing edible plants, using things commonly found in kitchens and pantries. Find all of these videos and more in the Ontario Science Centre’s YouTube channel – click HERE to jump to the page.

After doing the Crowdcast online event last month, I have been thinking about doing a live Q & A, either via Zoom/Cisco WebEx or on IGTV (Instagram live feed). For my first session, I am planning to talk about sunscreens, but perhaps there are other topics that you would like to discuss – here is your chance to weigh in! Please click HERE to jump my survey.

I hope all of you are continuing to stay safe and healthy during these crazy times!